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For an average project, customers who use RaiderVision are saving more than £9,000 when compared to using a man guard.


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      Where can I use RaiderVision?

      RaiderVision is commonly used on building sites to protect valuable assets and help secure scaffolding. It is used on either new build jobs or renovation projects. If you've got a vacant property or a Grade 1 listed building that needs securing, RaiderVision can help. Likewise, if you need a extra capacity in your factory or yard, RaiderVision can provide a virtual lock up. Caravan and car dealerships can also secure their assets using RaiderVision, particularly on larger sites with limited access to power. RaiderVision works fantastically in fields which means it been used to protect festivals and events, farm equipment, and for estate management.

        How RaiderVision surveys your site, installs the system, monitors your site, rapidly responds


        How RaiderVision works

        in three steps...


        1. Smart Survey

        In person or remote, conducted by our expert risk surveyors 

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        2. Rapid Installation

        By a RaiderVision specialist engineer, trained in house

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        3. 24/7 Monitoring

        From our BS50518-accredited alarm receiving centre (ARC)

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        1. RaiderVision surveys your site

        We offer consultative surveys to any site in the UK. In-house surveying software can help us to perform an accurate evaluation should you wish to do this remotely. However, if your site is particularly complex, or has unusual features or special considerations, we recommend an in-person evaluation to ensure the best monitoring solution is provided. Click on the image below to see where our expert risk surveyors would position cameras on this building site. 

        Click the icons for top tips on security camera placement from our expert risk surveyors...

        Do I need CCTV?

        Many site managers make the mistake of thinking that CCTV is the only way a site can be adequately secured. However, there are a number of limitations to CCTV that need to be considered when selecting your security system, such as increased costs, restrictions in positioning and low efficacy. See if you can get the answers to the statements below...

        RV CCTV icon

        True or false: CCTV always leads to prosecution

        False. CCTV footage is rarely used in court proceedings. In fact, only 3% of CCTV footage provided to police meets Crown Prosecution Service guidelines and can be used in court.

        RV CCTV icon

        True or false:
        HD video is essential for security

        False. RaiderVision deploys rapid response within seconds of a confirmed alarm, which is much more efficient than having a nice HD video to look at after your assets are gone!

        RV CCTV icon

        True or false: CCTV can be used everywhere

        False. CCTV requires continuous power and cabling which can be costly and cumbersome: cables can cause hazards and may become damaged, requiring repair. 


        2. Our specialist engineers install RaiderVision

        RaiderVision can be installed anywhere, even in the most remote locations. Once a survey is complete, our qualified engineers install the system at a time convenient to you in some cases within 24 hours. From that point on, your work is done: our engineers have all the relevant site access and health & safety requirements to independently get the system on site, with no lone worker paperwork, and you will immediately benefit from continuous monitoring. 

        What is RaiderVision?

        RaiderVision is a wireless, self-regulating alarm and security camera system. It can detect and illuminate an intruder up to 20 metres away, even in total darkness. It features dual-optic detection, making it much more accurate than security systems using a single optic detector. If the high-volume alarm doesn't deter an intruder, video is sent to our BS50518-certified control room in seconds and and rapid response is initiated.  



        Want To Know More?

        We know that not everybody wants to read the jargon; you just want to get the system on site.  However, if you do want a bit more information about what RaiderVision can do, download our free factsheet.

        View the FAQs  Download the factsheet



        Want To Know More?

        We know that not everybody wants to read the jargon; you just want to get the system on site.  However, if you do want a bit more information about what RaiderVision can do, download our free factsheet.

        View the FAQs   

        Download the factsheet


        3. We continuously monitor your site

        Benefit from continuous real-time connection to our BS50518-accredited alarm receiving centre, who take care of everything from battery health checks to false alarms. Within seconds of a confirmed intrusion, monitoring staff deploy an SIA-certified rapid response guard and call the police. 

        RaiderVision units have real-time connection to monitoring and control room staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be controlled remotely where required without power, telephone lines or cables. Our control room is BS50518 accredited, so an alert is never missed.

        RaiderVision runs for about a year on its batteries and, when a device battery starts getting low, the system sends a message to our control room servers. An engineer will be scheduled to attend the site to replace the battery, free of charge, once the low battery alert is received.

        Our control room staff also perform system efficacy checks, including reviewing signal strengths, battery voltages and communication speeds for every device on each customer’s system. Our units are constantly running reports to ensure that detector and camera view are not obscured.

        As a client, you'll benefit from regular email updates relating to the status of your units, so you're always confident that your site is protected.

        When an alarm is triggered, our control room receives the video in seconds. If an intruder is on site, our control room staff immediately send an SIA-certified rapid response guard to the site and call police.

        However, in more than 99% of alarm cases, RaiderVision's high-power siren deters intruders and we find that no damage or theft has occurred. 

        Ready for Raidervision?

        1. Get a price estimate

        Fill in the form to get an idea of what you'll need to protect your site. We'll review it, give you a price estimate, and book you in for a site survey. 

        2. Smart Survey

        We'll conduct a site survey and send you a finalised quote. Once accepted, our trained engineers will install RaiderVision on your site. 

        3. Get started!

        We'll start monitoring your site and deal with any triggered alarms by liaising with man guards and the police, and you can sleep easy! 

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